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Think of the plethora of documents your charity produces every year. In the rush to meet tight deadlines, how many basic typing and grammatical errors slip through?

We provide professional editing or proofreading services for charitable organisations at a discounted rate as we recognise that budgets are limited. We can work on a wide variety of documents including reports, memos, manuals, marketing materials, press releases, presentations or other business documents.

Our editing service is especially useful for multi-author documents which can suffer from too many cooks. We can revise any rough draft and turn it into a tightly written concise document, matching your house style with a clear structure aimed at your intended audience.

We will handle all sensitive material securely and our privacy policy ensures that all charity clients can be confident their business communications are kept confidential.

We provide a service which doesn't end at 5pm or on Friday afternoon. If you are facing a weekend of proofreading to complete a document by Monday morning, we can take that tedious task off your hands and ensure you return to work to find the revised document in your inbox. With planning, it is also possible to exploit global time differences in this way.

If you wish to check what past and existing clients think of our services, we believe our Testimonials page speaks for itself.


What do I choose - proofreading or editing?
As a quick summary, proofreading is designed for documents that have already been through the editing process. Editing corrects errors but also focuses on writing style, clarity and structure, as well as highlighting any inconsistencies or problem areas and, where necessary, either increases or reduces the overall word count.

Edit to improve. Proofread to correct.

Decide which level of proofreading and editing you require from the list below, review the guide prices at the bottom of the page and then contact us for a precise quote and turnaround time.

Proofreading includes:

  • check and correct typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar and general linguistic English errors
  • highlight any format, content, layout, heading or formatting inconsistencies

Editing services include

Light copyediting

  • correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and general English usage
  • check for overall clarity and consistency of style, tone and sentence structure
  • highlight inconsistencies in word use, meaning and format
  • check against layout specifications for typesetting

Substantive editing
Includes all of the above for light copy editing, plus where required

  • edit to improve the style, tone, structure and content without changing the original meaning
  • rewrite to improve meaning and vocabulary
  • edit confusing, ambiguous or awkward sentences to improve the flow of text
  • remove wordiness, inappropriate terms or jargon
  • query conflicting statements, discrepancies or inconsistencies
  • reduce or increase word count to comply with the specified length


£4.00 to £7.50 per thousand words

Light Copy Editing
£7.50 to £10.00 per thousand words
Substantive Copy Editing
£10.00 to £20.00 per thousand words

The price ranges above relate to the complexity of document, the degree of proofreading or editing required and your deadline, and also include any discounts applicable for students or charities.

The above prices relate to changes being made directly to the electronic copy in Word with track changes turned on. If you are unsure whether you need proofreading or copyediting, please let us have a represenative sample of your text.

Please contact us for a precise quote and a clearer idea of a turnaround time.

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1485 543746  ireneboston@gmail.com

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